15 Dating and Relationships Lessons From OKCupid Users In Their 70s and 80s

OKCupid’s oldest users unintentionally impart their dating and relationship wisdom in their match questions, where they tend to leave thoughtful, candid explanations to their answers. Below are 15 dating and relationship lessons taken from both men and women in their 70s and 80s:

1. Being “good” at sex is largely determined by whether you’re into it


2. Faking orgasms might be common practice, even amongst men


3. Having multiple sex partners doesn’t make you incapable of being monogamous


4. You can get love from sex-less relationships


5. Your openness with your feelings can depend on how comfortable your partner makes you feel


6. Put more effort into break-ups of long-term relationships 


7. You can’t keep every promise – including the promise to always love someone


8.  Our dates don’t just evaluate us on our abilities, but on us as a whole


9. Physical attractiveness may depend more on love and affection when we’re older


10. The drive for affection and intimacy we’ve experienced in our youth can be just as strong, if not stronger, as we age


11. Whether it’s doing drugs, watching TV, or eating fatty foods, don’t judge your date by their vice of choice; judge them by how well they can do them in moderation


12. Both passion and dedication are necessary for a better relationship


13. You can have multiple loving relationships simultaneously


14. Your jealousy is a sign of an unhealthy relationship 


15. Old people are funny


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